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The Grand Hamptons is a brilliant residential community where the residents can reside in peace and luxury. If you are looking for a property where resort-like offerings wait for you then The Grand Hamptons is all set to sway you off your feet. The developers have not just included a long list of amenities and facilities in The Grand Hamptons but have also allowed a management team to well maintain all the several offerings. This team makes such that the quality of the offerings is supreme. 

The Grand Hamptons is an extremely safe and secured residential community which allows the residents to reside in a peaceful environment with their families. The entrance and exit point of The Grand Hamptons is well guarded by trained security professionals who keep a close check on all the incomings and outgoings of the property. There are CCTV cameras installed all throughout The Grand Hamptons which constantly record the happenings of the property. The footage of these cameras is closely monitored by security guards who maintain peace in and around the property.

A well-equipped gym is another convenient offering of The Grand Hamptons. The residents can have their regular workout sessions in this gymnasium without spending any traveling time to any distantly located fitness center. This provision allows the residents to very conveniently maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are two swimming pools features in The Grand Hamptons, one for the adults and the other one for the kids of the property. 

The Grand Hamptons allows the residents to keep pets on the premises without any restrictions. This makes the property a much valued for pet owners. Therefore, if you're a pet owner and are looking out for a pet-friendly residential property then your search ends here. The Grand Hamptons is one of the ideal most properties to invest in. 

There is a retail area built within The Grand Hamptons where a number of retail stores are available for the convenience of the residents. One can head to this retail zone in case of emergent requirement of any of the daily use commodities. Therefore, in a few minutes you can have the ease of purchasing the day-to-day useful essentials. 

The Grand Hamptons also features a resident's lounge where the residents can stop by to have a drink or catch up with a friend. This provision again allows the residents to have some relaxation time without stepping out of their home. There are several spacious and roomy function rooms available at The Grand Hamptons where the residents can host parties, events, and functions with the ease of still residing at their home. This also allows the residents to save a lot of time which would otherwise be invested in a perfect location hunting in order to organize a party or event. The Grand Hamptons also features a Jacuzzi and a large-sized playground where the kids can play with their friends and siblings and have a gala time.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Small Pets Allowed
  • Playground
  • Gym
  • Retail Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Function Rooms
  • Resident's Lounge
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